The book I read to research this post was Top Way To Make Money Online In 2015 by Steve Walker which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is only around 45 pages so is quite short. The way to make money according to Steve is to have a niche site and sell stuff along with getting revenue from advertising. There is a tool called market samurai that show you the popularity of various searchwords or phrases. There is also a free. You have to market your niche site on the major social media sites. You can collect people’s e-mail addresses with a tool like mail chimp and there is a free version of this for beginners. You can offer a free e-book to people in return for their e-mail address and make money by selling these details. One of the beauties is you know a subject they are interested in because of the e-book. The best platform for the website is probably a self hosted wordpress. It doesn’t cost a lot to get it hosted and buy a domain name. There are also lots of free plug ins so you don’t have to do loads of programming. When you searching for a niche topic don’t pick one with no competition but rather one with moderate competition where your site can stand out. It also has to be a topic that interests you. You will have to regularly write posts about it after all. You also try and writes on the social media sites and encourage people to visit. The various groups are often a good place to start. Your posts have to be interesting and relevant. I did quite enjoy this book and do recommend it. I learned quite a bit from it.

The book I read to research this post was How I Make $ 4,000 Per Week which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is only around 90 pages so is fairly short. It is about creating and selling online courses on which is the largest online learner provider in the world with 4,000,000 students.They let you post courses on there for which you can charge. You don’t have to post a complete course in one go and actually this can work to your advantage as a lot of the courses get ripped off and copied to P2P sites. Hopefully they won’t have the complete courses because you have updated them at a later date. You should offer 3 lessons as samplers if there are 10 lessons in total. This is a rule of thumb guide and will encourage many people to enroll. You should vary the lessons offered as samplers from time to time. You can also offer sample lessons on YouTube to promote your courses. If you decide to promote your courses with Udemy they have a database like a mailing list of over 10 million students. A lot of students are likely to do more than oone course at a time. You don’t necessarily need to use a camera to film the lessons but you need a microphone, noise filter and sound editing software like audacity. If you are teaching software based lessons you may need a screen capture tool like camtasia. I would suggest if you are interested in online education try This is a very interesting book that I do recommend.

The book I read to research this post was My Fight To The Top by Michelle Mone which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. Michelle grew up in the rough east end of Glasgow and was largely motivated to be successful because she didn’t want to be in poverty like her parents. A lot of the money she made did go towards rewarding her parents for always being good to her. Her first job which was at the age of 14 and she had to use her mother’s identity due to her age was as a sales person for Avon. She had a natural aptitude for selling and does say if you want to convince someone to do something like give you a job you really want speak from your heart and be honest about how much you want it. Also tell them how hard you will work to get results. She did become Avon’s best selling sales rep in the area. She then moved on to getting a job as leader of a sales team with a 12 k salary and company car etc. She didn’t have the right qualifications but knew she was a damn good sales person. She believed in herself and showed how passionate she was about the job. She got it. Later she developed a bra which she believed in. She decided to try and sell it to selfridges. Initially there was lots of red tape and they tried to make her get an appointment. She brought a load of different sized samples and got one of the bosses to try one on. When she did she just wanted to know how many they can supply it was that good. Because they were only a small company they did have trouble keeping up with demand. She did come up with products like the backless bra. Famous people like Rachel Hunter and Mel B did model their products. At one stage Penny Lancaster was modelling them and started being awkward so they passed the contract on Rachel Hunter and both had been married to Rod Stewart which gave them lots of free publicity when they showed both side by side modelling ¬†there products. This book is around 250 pages so is a decent length. I enjoyed reading it and do recommend it. It’s very inspirational.

The book I read to research this post was WordPress Search Engine Success by Kathy Burns Millyard which is a very good book that I downloaded from kindle. This book is only around 80 pages so is quite short and there is also a lot of general information about using WordPress. WordPress can be used as a blog but can also by virtue of the sheer number of plug ins be used for any type of internet use including e-commerce and database. They also have a huge amount of themes and 90 % of these are free. It is a good idea to have a decent amount of HTML knowldge before configuring a site although a lot of it simplified by just installing relevant plug ins. In the old days search engine took six weeks to register your continued and had to be notified manually. Nowadays the step happens instaneously by default although if it is a private site this feature can be turned off. When you do an article this is called a post and a group of posts and maybe photos and embedded videos is called a page. The search engine isn’t necessarily notified about you adding a page but is when you add a post. Categories are used to help people find what they want on a site. Tags are used to notify a search engine what an article is about and these should be kept relevant and not too numerous. It is possible if you have one exceptionally popular post for that to be ranked higher in the search engines than the actual site. Normally in WordPress people can follow your articles and this is also taken into account by the search engines when ranking it. The most important thing is having relevant useful articles. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was E-mail Persuasion by Ian Brodie which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is of interest to anyone maybe involved in marketing on social media and looking to take it a step further. One thing Ian suggests is before marketing anything you should spend time immersing yourself in the subject. You should look at and subscribe to blogs by industry leaders. I don’t want to get into or selling myself but this seems a good book on the subject. A lot of his strategy is having something like a blog and collecting e-mail addresses where you can subsequently send some kind of newsletter. This of course gives you the opportunity to sell stuff. He suggests having some kind of incentive like a training course online or a free e-book to encourage people to subscribe. The newsletter also has to have mostly usefull content people will want to read. For collecting small amounts of e-mail addresses one of the products he suggests is Aweber where I think there is a free option but if have to go with the paid option isn’t too expensive. If you are sending out a newsletter you need an opt out option for people no longer interested. It is the law in Britain. It is also a good idea to be able to tell how many e-mail newsletters are opened so if that continues with someone not opening them you can delete them from the list or at least ask them if they want to continue on it. Ian does also do guest blogs mostly on high profile blogs on a similar subject where he can request anyone interested can join his e-newsletter list. This book is around 150 pages so is fairly long. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was How To Travel Around The World On A Backpackers Budget by Dave Brett which is an excellent book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book is probably primarily aimed at those seeking a gap year seeing abroad prior to university. It is of use to anyone looking to see the world on a budget. One idea is a holiday working in a bar in Australia where there is a decent minimum wage and a shortage of people for this work. In other countries like Cambodia and India you don’t need do a working holiday as the cost of living is very low. He recommends Asia Airlines for flights in Asia. Also you can join Hostels International for cheap hostels all around the world. There is a website at If possible try and stick to one bag of hand luggage as it saves on luggage costs on flights and you appear like a local to repel people who operate scams on tourists. Often the most expensive part of your holiday is getting there and you should get health insurance and allow for the costs of visas especially with out of the way places. Bring a smartphone and kindle with the latter giving you something to read at the airport etc. Before stopping at a hostel reading reviews on the place as some are riddled with crime and drugs. He also recommends reading a lonely planet guide on your destination as they are packed with advice. The author recommends selling what you can prior to the trip and not putting stuff in storage. Don’t waste your money on drink but instead live frugally and just spend the money on worthwhile things like attractions. This book is around 200 pages so is a decent length. I found this book very interesting and would definitely recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Digital Nomad by Dave Brett which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. Dave has travelled to over 70 countries and maintains a travel blog and writes e-books on kindle to fund it. This book is about his secrets in doing this. In almost every country there are wi-fi cafes or access points you can use. You can use sites like elance and fiverr to find online jobs you get paid for. Often you need to do lots of different jobs or tasks on these sites to make a decent amount. He recommends following other blogs on relevant subjects via RSS feed. If you have a skill like website building you are made as you can work almost anywhere. You have to get any work done promptly and in a professional fashion. He recommends getting a decent laptop, smartphone and kindle. The smartphone is useful if you can’t find a wi-fi access point. The kindle saves carrying a load of books around. Dave started travelling at the age of 15. A lot of countries have a low standard of living where you can make what money you do have go a long way. This is especially true with accommodation and food. This book is around 130 pages so is a reasonable length. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it. I will mention you can often get a round the world air ticket to major destinations for less than a ¬£1,000 and this should be valid for 3 months. You can then use cheap airplanes for local flights to explore locally. Bear in mind many of these airlines don’t have western standards and can be risky. You may also be able to find someoe that will let you sleep on their sofa further saving money.