The book I read to research this post was Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is about branding something like a product or website and making it exclusive so people pay for it. It can be a membership only website or a product like an iPod. Often a company will limit the amount of the product to create interest or have a promotion maybe with a reduced price for a limited time. This is an interesting book that I do recommend. It’s also around 220 pages so is a decent length. The book does have lots of examples of companies and their goods that have made the most of creating interest. On sites like kindle you can have a book on promotion for a while at a reduced price. They will often promote the book when people buy a similar e-book as a recommendation. Apple when releasing something like a new iPod will have a presentation by their CEO Tim Cook showing off the latest innovations and features. You should aim to give your customers a good reason to buy your product that puts it ahead of the competition.

The book I read to research this post was Network Marketing For Introverts by Argenis Olivis which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is about network marketing for shy people and how they can limit directly meeting people and make the most of when they have to actually meet people. Shyness can be an advantage in that they are better listeners and most people enjoy talking about themselves in particular. You can also limit interaction and get help with getting sales with things like blogs, websites and podcasts in particular. Many people feel more comfortable in front of a recording device or when writing than face to face. When meeting people the anxiety about meeting them can be minimized by planning beforehand and getting practice at it. Particularly things like rejection can be got used to by not taking them personally and practice. You can write down keynotes to a meeting maybe a heading for each item to prod your memory. You can also rehearse a meeting with a friend or business colleague prior to it. With that the friend might pretend to be play the part of the client and you rehearse what you are going to say. There are also courses for shy people and to gain assertiveness. This book is around 60 pages and is quite short. It is a book I enjoyed and I do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Habit Triggers by Romuald Androde which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. The ability to form habits in human certainly in the past was essential to our survival. Even today it can be useful as something learned can be done without having to think about every step. Of course this comes at a price as the habit formed can be both positive or negative. This book is about getting rid of bad habits and forming good habits. The process in eliminating bad habits is similar for forming bad habits in the first place. You simply do it in small steps remainng consistent and doing it each day. It might be an idea to keep a diary to record your progress. This system can be used for eliminating any habit from smoking to over-eating. The book is around 70 pages. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it. If you were using it to eliminate something like smoking you might reduce you smoking consumption by maybe 1 cigarrete for a period like a week before reducing it further. In bad habits it’s not unusual for each step to maybe take 50 days or more. You simply have to be realistic about what is achieveable.

The book I read to research this post was Work Smarter Not Harder by Timo Kiander which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. Timo is a website developer that is interested in time saving tools like time management and this book is about that. It is around 60 pages so is quite short. One system of work is working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. We know that the human body works in 90 minutes with highs and dips in its ability to concentrate. You can also limit checking e-mails to 2-3 times a day and limit the time spent to 30 minutes each time for this task. If you have a meeting consider if it involves checking technology in some way if that can be done before the meeting. You should also list the important tasks in terms of priority and there effect in terms of short term and long term effects should be considered in doing this. Then you should work on them in order of priority. You can also learn to touch type and there are online tools to help with this. If you have time you can always go to classes locally to learn this. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it. He does say office workers will benefit most from what is in this book & I think he’s probably right.

The book I read to research this post was Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library by Anthony Weber which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. This book is around 30 pages so is quite short. This guide is about the various services offered to consumers by Amazon. They are very reasonably priced although some of like the Prime service might require a fast broadband connection to work probably because it streams video. Prime offers for $99 per year free 2 day delivery on purchases and streamed video of countless tv series and films. There is also a music streaming service reasonably priced. You can buy content like online video like tv episodes and films and music albums outright. They also let you borrow 1 e-book per month for free. There is also kindle unlimited where you can borrow 10 books and as you return one you can borrow another. There is a library of over 300,000 books to choose from. There is also Amazon’s huge searchable database of things you can buy and have posted to you. Initially Amazon just did books but now have expanded into just about everything. Amazon Web Services aren’t covered in this book and are aimed at businesses anyway. Amazon is almost a way of life and I did read in another book is the brand more people are loyal to than another perhaps quite rightly as they have worked hard on this,. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was How I Make $50,000 a Month Simply Cutting and Pasting by Jeff Farley which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is around 25 pages so is quite short. This book details a rather novel method of making money that doesn’t involve a huge amount of work considering how much you can potentially make. The author used to sell on Google Adwords but ran into problems. Now he uses a site called Lead Impact where you have to lay out initially $1,000 but considering what you can make that is perhaps reasonable. He buys pay per advertising URLs so when people enter a particular domain name his advert comes up as a pop up. He recommend you perhaps don’t want to spend more than 6 cents per impression. Most people disregard these adverts as a nuisance. You also should target and promote innovative products that are unusual and novel in some way. A certain amount of people will be interested and he can do 20 campaigns in one day making a substantial income. I don’t think I’d run this kind of business but can see it has certainly got potential. It is an interesting book and I do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Management Decisions and the Role Of Forecasting by James Morrell which is a very good book that I bought at a car book sale. Forecasting enables information enabling decisions to be made. This book is around 350 pages so is a decent size and was published in 1972 so is a bit dated. Of course in Britain the biggest developments since this time have been the internet and the privatisation of public utilities previously nationalised. I think at least according to this book company accounts are published in september, 9 months into the year. They are normally published in a blue covered book. One of the easiest types of information to find is labour costs. Material costs are more difficult to define as there may be surplus stock to account for. Income tax information should also be easy to find. This book of course was written long before things like data mining and social media that have been major game changers. In the 60’s Britain’s economy boomed followed by a wake up call in the 70’s. Things like rising oil prices and ineffective governments nationalising many industries. I enjoyed this book and do recommend it. I’d suggest get a more recent book though.