The book I read to research this post was Stocks: Stock Trading by Adam Richards which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. This book is only around 50 pages so is quite short. It is about stock trading on the stockmarket. There are 2 types of market bull which is a growing one and a bear one which is when stocks are doing badly. You use a different strategy for each of these. In a bull one you buy stocks and watch them grow prior to sellimng them for a profit. In a bear market you sell stocks and then buy themback at a reduced rate when they have fallen. New York is probably the main stockmarket and other major ones include Tokyo and London. In general you uy and sell stocks before they reach their limit as when they do they will starting in the oposite direction resulting in lost earnings. A lot of stocks and probably the least risky is to hold them in successful companies in the long term. This should relatively slow but consistent growth. Of course many people go for faster earnings and stock that grow more sharply. This is more risky and probably best left to people who are xxperts. I did enjoy reading this book and do recommend it. Adam has also done some other books.

The book I read to research this post was Strong Woman by Karren Brady which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This book is part autobiography and part treatise about what it takes for women to succeed in the employment market. Karren when she was managing director of Birminham City football club was the youngest managing director of a PLC in Britain at the age of 23. This is despite the fact she never went to university although Birmingham University gave her an honorary doctorate in 2010. She was lucky at the age of 18 someone saw how talented she was and gave her a high management position that propelled her onto better things. She herself says there are a lot of talented women who end up in jobs beneath their abilities with bosses that don’t appreciate them. Many companies pay lip service ie saying we treat men and women equal but when when you look at how many women they have in management positions they have it doesn’t add up. Women more than men need employers who are flexible and will let them manage family life whilst doing a job. Women also are less likely to go to university than their male counterparts and many jobs demand a university degree when life experience in a lot of cases would be almost as good. This book is around 250 pages so is a decent length. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Deep Sea And Foreign Going by Rose George which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This book is number 2 on the business e-book chart on kindle. Rose went on a voyage on a huge container ship which had capacity for 15,000 and is a super class style of ship. The voyage left Felixstowe in Britain bound for Asia and she wrote this book about. They aren’t allowed to take passengers officially due to the Somali pirate situation but she went as a non-working member of the crew who might be called upon to work as needed. Maersk the owner of the ship is a Danish company only slightly smaller than Microsoft. They even have Maersk supermarkets in Denmark and if you wrote out a list of their business interests it would take 24 pages to complete. It’s probably the biggest company most British people have never heard. Most freight travelling from one country to another goes by ship. The amount of freight sent is getting more and more each year too. In countries like Britain there is a sharp drop in their merchant navy or ships flagged. Although ships flying flags from countries like Britain are protected if there are serious problems like piracy they are also subject to tax and labor laws. Many therefore use flags from countries like the Liberia and the Marshall Islands where there are less restrictions ¬†and they can just pay a simple fee rather than tax. At one time many ships used flags from countries like Cambodia where there was no restrictions especially drug runners took advantage of this but found they were singled out by navies and coastguards who became suspicion. Many of these ships weren’t seaworthy. Countries like Liberia do have rules albet fairly lax to protect ships from harrassment and are more respected by the coastguard etc. This book is around 420 pages so is a decent length. I very much enjoyed it and do highly recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Information Product Launch Secrets by Paul Nagel which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. This book is around 70 pages so is quite short. There is a variety of information products which can be software, e-books, video courses or tutorial cd-roms. With tutorial cd-roms he recommends free software Jing. With video courses he recommends camtasia. The aim is not to sell thousands at any cost. Some people do things like have a club where people can download lots of things from a website for a flat fee or have a competition with a substantial prize. You won’t make much per item sold and you aim to sell a reasonable amount and make a decent amount per item sold you will probably do better. If you sell e-books you probably need the kindle FBA software for setting up your kindle e-book and don’t forget if you have a back catalogue e-book you can always offer that free or offer a cut down version of the book you are selling. One problem with writing software is it generally doesn’t sell that well considering the many hours it takes to write it. If you get someone else to write it on a website like elance you have to be very specific about what you want it to do and it should be made clear if it doesn’t do the job you will withhold payment or expect a refund. The author has found with this he doesn’t get very good results with them either misunderstanding him or trying to take short cuts. With one person he wanted a wordpress plug in with original code and the chap took the code from another plug in and adapted it so you have to be careful. I think what is in this book could be used to make a reasonable income. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it.


The book I read to research this post was Start Up Funding For The Rest Of Us by Mike Belsito which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. This book is around 100 pages so is a fair length. Much of this book is semi-autobiographical mostly about Mike’s attempt to crowdfund finance his company efuneral which raised $1 million initially but ultimately the business wasn’t successful and another company acquired it. Most potential investors will only consider investing in a company they are introduced to properly via a middleman they know. This shows the applicant ir resourceful which is important if the budding company is going to make a profit. Of course nowadays many people in business use Linkedin and the same with people being properly introduced applies here. What can work well for some companies is if they can start without any outside funding and make a profit they can always attract investor funding at a later stage which makes them look viable opportunity. A lot of venture capital companies tend to be in places like Silicon Valley although these companies might expect quick results on their investment. Local venture capital companies often only invest in local companies and your business is more likely to stand out. They also may take more of a long term view. Many investors nowadays don’t expect to see a business plan although it’s still a good idea to do one to see where the business is going. When your doing statistical projection on things like cashflow don’t make assumptions on how many sales you will get. Most investors know this is something not factual. In the case of efuneral they did how many died in the last year, how many were buried, how many were cremated and how much a funeral home spends on marketing on average. Efuneral was a website funeral homes could advertise in and gave information on the various aspects of different businesses that did funerals. This kind of information at that time was scarce on the internet. I very much enjoyed this book and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was ¬†Using Facebook For Business by Paul Teague which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is around 150 pages so is a fair length. Paul has done a series of books including this one on the different aspects of online business. This book of course is about promoting your business on Facebook. It is the top social media site by a long way and for much of advertising and marketing there is a level playfield between big businesses and smaller businesses. A business at least in theory could have a business page on Facebook and not spend anything on advertising and still do well. A lot of people before buying something see what there friends on Facebook recommend. Advertising is optional but probably a good idea. An individual according to Facebooks rules can only have 1 personal page and if they promote anything like a business or organisation that has to be done on a business page. Facebook are strict about that and do close people’s accounts as punishment. There are also business manager pages for businesses that do a lot of advertising or have several employees working on the same business page in Facebook. Business pages in general let you add Facebook apps unlike personal pages. Once you get 50 likes on Facebook you do what they call offers where you can sell something at a special price for a certain number of days. Also advertising on Facebook is quite cost effective and can be done either on a per impression basis or per click on for transaction basis. With the former bear in mind you might not get any sales although it might work out cheaper. I did quite enjoy this book and do recommend it.


I am reviewing the pop album Only Human by Cheryl Cole which is an excellent album. Cheryl had her 4th and 5th solo number 1 singles from this album making her the first British female soloist to achieve 5 number 1 singles. She is formerly a member of pop group Girls Aloud and and they did reform a while back but have now announced they have split permanently. This album has had average to positive reviews from most critics. Many have said it is her best solo work though. It only reached number 7 in the British Album Chart and wasn’t a huge success. She did have a 12 month break from the music industry. This album is about what she experienced in that period. She is also one of the judges on the hugely popular British TV show the X Factor. My favorite track on the album is I Don’t Care which was also a huge single. Her record company tried to encourage people to pre order the album by giving them a free sample track in advance if they did so on iTunes. This also features Sia Furler, Nicola Roberts and Tinie Tempah among others. Nicola was a fellow member in Girls Aloud. The title track was originally recorded by Kylie Minogue as an album track. A few years ago Cheryl won the most beautiful woman in the world award 2 years running with the British Edition of FHM magazine.