The book I read to research this post was Make Money With YouTube by Steve Scott which is a very good book that I downloaded for free from kindle. This book is currently free. It is around 80 pages so is quite short. The essence of the book is you find products on and sell them as an affiliate. You get commision and don’t necessarily need a website although it’s an advantage if you do. If you get a website you can use WordPress which is free although you will have to pay for hosting. There is a plug in called Pretty Link that lets you customize the website address to include the product. You promote it on YouTube You can make a promo about 4 minutes long using Jing which is a free video editing software that’s also easy to use. You can usually get a free sample of the product although they may want proof you are serious about selling it. He suggests buying your first product doing a promo and then show that video to any suppliers. You need a microphone he suggests the Logitech USB H530. If you are squeamish about doing a promo with yourself you can go to and pay someone to do it. For sourcing products there is a Clickbank Analytics which gives you all sorts of statistics about potential products. Ideally you want niche products that have no equivalent in the shops. You should come up with a profile of what your potential customers are going to be like. I did quite enjoy this book and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Information Security Basics by Ron McFarland which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book is primarily aimed at people sitting the CISSP exam. Apparently after the PMP qualification it attracts a higher potential salary than any other qualification. To do the CISSP exam it isn’t necessary to know encryption and security work only to have a general overview and know how to implement them. In encryption this book doesn’t cover PGP so I assume was published before that was released. There are 2 general types of encryption asymmetrical and symmetrical. These are token keys used to decrypt messages coming from the other computer. In symmetrical both computers have identical keys which ultimately provides less security. Asymmetrical uses different keys at either workstation. Another interesting development in network security is distributed firewalls. On a workstation you will have a personal firewall which is unsuitable in the corporate environment. They use dedicated firewalls not just the one that came with the operating system. These work in conjunction with each other hence the name distributed. They will often one either side of the DMZ and they will feature a simple form of machine learning. They learn how to respond to an attack. The different firewalls will look at different criteria in what they allow through making them more effective. Often they will be hosted on separate dedicated computers. This book is around 350 pages so is a decent length. I enjoyed reading it and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Your Public Identity by Carrie Kerskie which is an excellent book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book is about the various forms of internet fraud and identity theft. It tells you how to minimize the chances of falling victim and what you can do to resolve it if it happens. If someone is determined they are going to steal your identity the best you can hope for is you make it so difficult they decide to try elsewhere. No one can mitigate the chances of identity theft completely. You should never put photos of yourself on social media sites as they can purchase a fake driving licence with your picture and a basic information. Most victims don’t realize they have fallen foul of this until it has been going on for at least 12 months. The typical pattern is they steal a small amount of money from lots of bank accounts which adds up to a nice sum for them and they hope you won’t notice. Just as easily they can borrow lots of money in your name. There is a type of credit card called a RFID or sometimes Easy Pay and with this type of card they can scan it as you walk past remotely. It has a kind of wireless chip meant to be convenient. All you can do is if a financial institution of any kind tries to give you one of these cards is refuse to accept it. A lot of people on social media have GPS enabled on their mobile device or broadcast they are going on holiday. Believe me if someone is looking to burgle your house and they are usually looking for things like financial information when they do they do the burglary. They almost know how long they’ve got to do the burglary. This book does look at the subject from the American angle with the author being from Florida. This is definitely one of the best books I’ve read on the subject. I definitely recommend it.


The book I read to research this post was E-mail Hacking For IT Security Professionals by Timur Mehmet which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book doesn’t cover hacking web servers, which is in a separate book and doesn’t cover the individual processes of hacking. It gives a detailed overview of doing a white hat penetration test of a companies e-mail accounts. It also expects you to be a security professional who doesn’t need a lesson on things like TCP/IP. When a companies network is hacked the perpetrator will often set up his own e-mail or user account to simplify getting access again. You need to monitor what accounts are on your network as an administrator and if someone doesn’t need a particular account like they leave their job that needs to be deleted. Most DMZ zones have a firewall both before and after data arrives there. This is the ideal place for a hackers account. Another thing to watch is if you and your recipient are say both in Britain watch your e-mails aren’t being routed somewhere like Eastern Europe. It’s a sign of a man in the middle attack. You should have a non-disclosure agreement signed with any vendors like anti-virus or anti-phishing. Vendors who work on the network like a computer service engineer should have their own separate accounts. One thing many network administrators are slack about is back ups. They often don’t do it as frequently as they should. You should have a separate data recovery site ready to take over in times of need. One thing which is a definite no no is giving employees blanket access to this site to save a load of setting up accounts. In terms of hacking outboard traffic has to be monitored just as much as inboard. There is potential for company secrets as well as financial information to be transmitted outbound. Many companies now have a MYOB or bring your own device policy meaning staff get a certain budget and it is left up their preference what smartphone and tablet they have. This can potentially be a nightmare for an administrator. Blackberries are generally regarded as the most secure range of smartphones. Finally another issue is staff commenting on websites with their company e-mail account displayed. Someone can easily go into Google and do a search for their account. Once you have someone’s e-mail or username it makes hacking their account much easier.I did quite enjoy this book and do recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was How To Be A Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This book is a guide for both employees and bosses on how to get more done. At the moment this is a very popular book on kindle. In any kind of management job they frequently do a to do list each day. An interesting idea is that what is at the bottom of the list doesn’t get done. Sometimes it might creep up the list as it becomes more imperative. You need to bear this in mind when doing a to do list. Also there is some stuff on e-mails. The ghist of this is prioritizing them. You should spend 30 seconds per e-mail deciding what category to put it in. It could be something you need to act on, something you can deal with later or something you can archive. The idea of doing just what has to be done can be attributed to martial arts where there is a similar mindset. There is a website mentioned at where they have lots of ideas for getting as much done as possible in as little time as possible. One idea is using a digital device with a time management app and one particularly good one is toodoodledoo. Another idea which is web based but will work lots of devices is Evernote. It is a note taking app combined with website that is quite popular. I did very much enjoy this book which I definitely recommend.

I am reviewing the album First Rays Of The Rising Sun by Jimi Hendrix which is an excellent album. There were 4 studio albums released in his lifetime and this was the 12th posthumous release in 1997. Surprisingly it is a rather good album with I the only major single being Angel. It made number 37 on the British pop chart. It is mostly what would have been his 5th studio album with much of it being as he intended but because he died before it’s completion some of it had to be finished by others. It is quite a long album at around 70 minutes. Of course Hendrix has to be the greatest guitarist of all time who astonished people with his ability in both the Woodstock Festival and the documentary made about it. He used to do things like allegedly play the guitar with his tongue although people didn’t realize he was actually moving it on the stem of the guitar. I did hear an interview about his premature death on the radio with the doctor who treated him and he said in his opinion he was already dead when he arrived at hospital. He died in London at just 27. He come to Britain to play the Isle Of Wight Festival. Getting back to the album alot of the tracks were featured on an earlier posthumous. This was controversially produced with even some of the guitar work being replaced. I haven’t heard that album but this album is considered more complete.

The book I read to research this post was The Tsunami Kids by Paul and Rob Forkan which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This book is a business book but also an autobiography about a family facing the terrible tsunami in Sri Lanki where the children lost their parents and wents to start the social start up Gandy’s Flip Flops. They pore their profits into helping people in that region as well as other charities. The tsunami happened in 2004 and they were left with PTSD and years one of them revisited that region and the flip flops he bought fell apart making him then research what made good flip flops. He found rope and jute were the best construction materials. He found a supplier on a kind of Chinese Amazon. He contacted a businessman who appeared on the Secret Millionaire tv show to get venture capital. There family originally came from London and their dad had been a used car dealer which probably gave them a start in seeing what it took to run a business. They find out years later a businessman from London had seen their plight on television and had been helping them secretly financially. He had paid for things like the adoption process and a house extension. When they had their parents they appear have had a lot of extended trips abroad to places like India frequently for several months at a time. Often when you go abroad you see things like Persian rugs which go for a pittance in Iran but are expensive in Britain. You wouldn’t have to bring that many back to fund your trip. Obviously though you might have to pay duty. They were apparently the first people to be received at Downing Street wearing flip flops since Gandhi. I think it is a very inspiring story. I did thoroughly enjoy this book and would definitely recommend it. It is around 280 pages so is a decent length.